Expertise & Capabilities
Our work is the presentation of our capabilities. Goethe, German philosopher

Bob's writing, public relations and communications expertise will help you "sell and tell" in a variety of ways. In the print and broadcast news media.  On the web and on web pages. Via traditional print materials as well as e-newsletters and blogs. And in the face of adverse issues and media scrutiny.

Rely on Bob's public relations accomplishments with a variety of companies and organizations; his reputation and credibility among editors, producers and reporters; and his ability to come up with the right communications solution to just about any issue, challenge or situation.

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Increase visibility and awareness of your people, products and services via publicity in the news media.
Strike a chord with current and future donors with a variety of campaign communications materials.
In the face of adverse publicity, Bob defends your good name and reputation in the news media.
Even in our digital, e-everything world, there's a place and purpose for traditional print publications and materials.
Further your brand, raise funds and friends, and reinforce your significance to the community via a well-organized and publicized special event. 
Essays, presentations, case studies, articles and opinion pieces that position executives as leaders in their fields and their communities.

Bob employs current principles of web site writing and organization to meet the needs of your audience.
It's not creative unless it sells. This is where the fun begins! Check this out.