Healthcare & Biomedical

Prior to starting Robert Loeb Communications
, Bob was public information director (1983-1997) for Strong Memorial Hospital/University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry/School of Nursing, where he served as spokesman and publicist to the local and national news media, promoting a wide range of medical, research and teaching innovations and news. In addition, he guided the institutional response to a variety of crisis issues related to patient care, clinical research, and institutional policy.


One of the first duties of the physician is to educate the masses not to take medicine. Sir William Osler, Canadian Physician 

Walking is man's best medicine. Hippocrates, Ancient Greek Physician

Among his major stories:


First in-vitro fertilization baby in upstate New York

First bone marrow transplantation center in upstate New York

Phen-Fen diet drug combination

New medical technology in western NY:  magnetic resonance imaging, kidney stone lithotripsy

Plutonium research in patients at SMH during and after WW II - revived national news media interest

NYS Department of Health investigations into patient care issues and bad outcomes

Promotion of pharmaceutical clinical trials in dermatology, neurology, infectious diseases, cardiology, pediatrics, general medicine (including studies in hypertension, cholesterol, asthma) and psychiatry (depression, anxiety)

Research results in prominent medical journals: implanted devices for heart disease, new drugs for Parkinson's disease, AIDS vaccine and many others

Many "crisis"  issues (see Crisis  Communications and Issue Management)

Current and Past Clients in Healthcare and Biomedical Research

Acumed, Inc. (Hillsboro, Oregon)

Press releases and promotional material for this manufacturer of state-of-the-art surgical orthopaedic implants.

Exigence Group LLC (Buffalo, NY)

Public relations, news media and special event consulting for Exigence's new ventures and services:  Rochester Immediate Care in Greece, NY, WNY Immediate Care in Cheektowaga, NY, Pulse Occupational Medicine, LLC

Palm Beach Clinical Research Organization (West Palm Beach, Florida)

General publicity and news coverage of biomedical and clinical research in trade & professional publications

Unity Health/Park Ridge Hospital 

Extended consulting engagement: news media/press releases/general writing on new health care and hospital initiatives


Center for Biomedical Learning

Press releases and promotion in trade & professional publications


Brighton Surgery Center

Press releases & news coverage on planning, building and opening of a new ambulatory surgical center


Rochester Endodontic Associates                               

Public relations & crisis consulting re: court case


University of Rochester Medical Center 
on controversial research issue and its news media inquiry, writing on Speaking Out piece


University of Rochester Cancer Center 

Annual report


University of Rochester Dept. of Psychiatry                            

Annual report