Marketing Communications/Copywriting
What you say in advertising is more important than how you say it. David Ogilvy, iconic advertising executive

What's the big idea? George Lois, another iconic advertising executive

d now for something different. Not quite formal or traditional publications, these marketing communications samples highlight a different side to Bob's writing style.

A bit more creative. Persuasive. Demanding action. The headline is prime, supported by equally compelling body copy.  In print. Via e-mail in Constant Contact. As a flyer. And as the basis for social media campaigns in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, and for pages within web sites.

Promotional e-mail for a workshop on how to deal with "difficult" people
Promo flyer for clean energy incubation program
Promotional campaign for The Entrepreneurs Network
Click image to see the 3-part e-mail campaign
E-mail blast promoting practice for startup entrepreneurs for pitching to investors

Flyer for a charity dance competition

Promotional e-mail for the 1st annual NEXUS-NY clean energy Demo Day

Multi-faceted campaign for a NYS manufacturers workshop

Sell sheets for HTR Growth Services consulting capabilities
Click image to see several examples