In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product, and profits.
  Lee Iacocca, American automobile executive

Business large and small
- retails establishments and those that deal directly with other businesses - have looked to Bob to help them with their marketing communications and their public relations and visibility concerns. Bob has utilized his writing and editing skills and his relationships with the news media for the benefit of positive public relations and news. You know where to find him!

Some of the companies taking advantage of Bob's expertise:

Hamilton-Stern Construction

News media coverage and website writing and editing for this new construction management firm in Rochester, NY

Solar Sentry

News media and publicity in the general and trade & professional media on new solar energy monitoring/measuring product, new investors for this start-up, high tech


McDonald's Restaurants

News media coverage on road construction/traffic issue affecting an area McDonald's restaurant


Michael's Valley Grill  

News media/restaurant review


Senior Fitness Productions                 

Copy editing, web site copy, news media consulting on How to Prevent Falls by Betty Perkins-Carpenter


Viking International Furniture 

News media visibility/press releases & feature stories


Molye Chevrolet                                            

Speaking Out piece on new automotive technology


West Jewelers

News coverage and publicity


NorthCoast Partners, LLC.

General writing, opinion piece for this business merger/acquisitions broker, Inc./G2Alert                

General writing and marketing communications materials, website writing, public relations

Midtown Tire, Inc. (Rochester, NY)

Public relations and news media coverage in tire/wholesale trade publications