Special Events

Public celebrations of the organization
- furthering its brand, cultivating friends while it raises funds, and reinforcing its significance to the community. Or, a corporate "opening day" that introduces new services or products to the community.

Look to Bob to help plan and then promote your event. He'll work with the news media for advance "fill-the-room" promotion and then "day of" news coverage and visibility. 

Further, he'll write the script that will keep things moving as it informs and entertains, acknowledges key individuals and introduces guest speakers, citations and other unique elements of an event.

  • Planning & Logistics
  • Invitations
  • MC and Presenter Scripts
  • Advance publicity, promotion and news coverage
  • Post-event news coverage
Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation - ETHIE Awards Script
Here's Bob's script for the 2014 ETHIE Awards, featuring WXXI's Evan Dawson. Read it here.
Celebration of Entrepreneurship Luncheon 2015
Script written for HTR President and event MC Jim Senall. Read it here.
Epilepsy Foundation Chocolate Ball
Script written for master of ceremonies Steve Hausman and various speakers and presenters. Read it here.
St. Johns Green House Ribbon Cutting Event in Penfield
Script for St. Johns President Charlie Runyon.  Read it here.
Events Bob has helped plan, promote and script include:
Entrepreneurship Luncheon
HTR Demo Day at Geva Theatre
WNY Immediate Care ribbon cutting
Rochester Immediate Care ribbon cutting
St. John's Brickstone groundbreaking

  • Past galas for CURE Childhood Cancer Association

    • Many openings & dedications of specialized medical units and facilities at Strong Memorial Hospital and University of Rochester Medical Center