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When I took office, only high energy physicists had ever heard of what is called the Worldwide Web.... Now even my cat has its own page. Bill Clinton, 42nd American president

If you like what you've been reading
, and the way it's organized, and you're considering starting a web site or revamping an existing site, give Bob a call.

Bob will work with your designers and programmers or with his own design and programming colleagues to create a new, interesting, lively site or to bring new life and energy to an old and tired one.

  • Working with the web design firm Verticalinsite, Bob wrote the copy and content for the web site of up-and-coming construction firm Hamilton Stern.  The web site was a finalist in the 2016 Rochester Business Journal Best of theWeb Competition.

  • Formerly as an employee, and now on a consulting basis, Bob's been the web master and chief content manager for High Tech Rochester.

  • He's been the web master and content manager of the Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation and its annual ETHIE Awards - responsible for the organization, writing and updating of all content.

  • Previously, he reorganized and rewrote the entire web site for the Epilepsy Foundation of Rochester and served as web master and content manager.